George Nash

Modern Fingerstyle Guitarist sounding like a full band through only one guitar.

George Nash plays the acoustic guitar in a very unique way known as Percussive Fingerstyle where you utilise the full body of the guitar to sound like a full band live! George has been playing in this style since 2013 and since then, George won the Young Musician of Dyfed in 2017, Has been endorsed by Dowina Guitars (Slovakia), had a Featured Artist article on Yamaha Musicians, and many more. Some of George’s favourite genres to play are Folk, Pop, Rock, Groove, Ambient, Metal, and his influences come from guitarists such as Jon Gomm, Mike Dawes, and Tommy Emmanuel.

  • Example set list.

2 hours – 70% originals 30% covers

  1. A life of its own (Original intro, Ambient/Rock)
  2. Lost in the moment (Cover, Folk)
  3. Moonlight (Original, Rock)
  4. Kiss from a rose (Cover, Folk)
  5. Ruminate (Original, Hard Rock)
  6. The Nomad (Cover, Folk Rock)
  7. How long? (Original, thoughtful Folk)
  8. Out on a limb (Cover, pop Folk)


  1. Groovy Mood (Original, Groove)
  2. Stolen (Original, Dark folk)
  3. Goodbye Friend (Original, ambient)
  4. The Impossible (Cover, Dark Folk)
  5. Bottom of the pile (Original, Rock)
  6. 5 minute world tour (Original Rock)
  7. Being Quietly Present (Original, emotive folk)


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